Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes, I DO Have a Mother...

Yes, I have a mother and was not spawned or anything contrary to popular belief...

"Malegatto, why , why, WHY?", she says to me quite often. Henrietta ("Fluffy") is a pampered, spoiled former show cat who was a regular on the Crystal Palace circuit. My mother and I have a rather strained relationship, to say the least. Proud, arrogant and sharp-tongued, she has little patience for well, anything. Especially not anything that is not as she wishes it to be. No, that does not sound familiar!

She lives a life of elegant luxury and I have memories of being fed rather wonderful morsels as a kitten and lying in a cushioned velvet kitty bed. As I got older, I will admit to rebelling quite a bit, which exasperated her. She seemed rather dismayed--and at the same time, relieved--that I chose to be with my father ("Dear God, may you not be covered with fleas and have to eat spoiled fishheads," she told me.)

Yet, I somehow get the feeling that she seems to be a bit proud of me. I once overheard her tell her friends, "My other daughter? She means to take over the WORLD. Can yours do that?"

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