Friday, July 31, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

See...I Was Good

The entire town of Steelhead was away at the Relay for Life this weekend.

I was rather good and although quite an opportune time to do so, chose not to level the place.

Let the natural order of things now return to normal.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gone Underground...

When one is involved in such doings and goings-on as myself, one never knows when a speedy getaway is necessary. I thought I would reacquaint myself with the tunnels that run below the town...Hmm...where does this passageway lead to?
The Elf has been rather busy, I see...
I nimbly made my way past all of the rock and debris and around all of the passageways. Hmm...many possibilities...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Saloon in Boomtown

I shall talk more about my underground explorations of Steelhead tomorrow, but I got wind of Miss Gia's opening a new saloon in Boomtown. I like my places a bit rough and out of the way (the better to meet more "unsavory" characters), so after I climbed out of the tunnels I thought I would take a look. I settled in for a good conversation with her and Mrs. Peterman, who also joined us for a moment. I promised not to eat Mrs. Peterman's shoulder peep...Like me, being "human" is not Miss Gia's true form...So when she offered me a ride above Steelhead, how could I resist?She did promise me that she would not burn or squish anything (or anyone) unless I was present to see it. I do so like a good stomp 'n' squoosh!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

19th c. Airship and Balloon Broadside Announcements

I do so love the repository of knowledge that is the U.S. Library of Congress. While perusing its aethernet offerings, I came across the wonderful Tissandier collection of French and British broadsides with airship and balloon ascension announcements. Do enjoy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thinking About Vic Frankenstein...

I was thinking about Victor today. When he created his Monster, it was the culmination of years of what one could call obsessive research and experimentation in the obscure alchemical arts. He talked about it incessantly. "My creation" this and that. I would just politely sip my tea and nod. However, once made, the fool went and abandoned it, leaving the sentient creature wandering aimlessly with pretty much nothing better than to have alienation and revenge on its mind--eventually picking off Vic's loved ones one-by-one. When he sent me a letter saying he was going to the Arctic to deal with it once and for all, I could only shake my head. "My God man," I sent back by way of reply. "Some people should never be allowed to reproduce. Do pack warm clothes though, as I hear it is quite brisk there."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla

Happy birthday to Mr Nikola Tesla, innovative "mad scientist" and an inspiration to steampunks everywhere! This is an 1899 photo of him in his Colorado Springs laboratory...what wonderful sparks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Kaboom!" Or, "How I Singed My Whiskers"

I could only stand and wait on the warehouse roof as the full moon rose over Port Harbor, its waters covered in a light fog. I ran a claw through my unpinned hair and sighed, resigned to the fact that I was very likely forever changed by that regeneration serum that saved my life many months ago. I probably would have been better off if I had been allowed to Transition instead and move on to my fifth life. Although knowing the Masons, I should just be glad it didn't make me grow an extra arm or some other unsightly aberration. It probably helps that parts of me are not...

Anyway, I have become more used to the physical changes such as the swiftness, strength, and keener senses than normal, but what it does to my mind? That, I seem to be unable to control very well. On these werecat nights, my normal ability to keep my emotions in check becomes negated and everything becomes a swirling confusing whirl of emotion and instinct combined...
Since I have been in Steelhead, I have been quiet. I have made no campaigns of late. No machinations as normal. That is...unlike me...and I am sure that I will be hearing from my Hidden Paw superiors soon. I know that this is not what they want of their Western Fang. I expect a missive at any time. My mind has not been here though. I have had other thoughts on it as of late. I wondered about the fate of the purple-haired demon who brought me fish and something kicked in.

I hissed and jumped down from my perch and rummaged through the warehouse until I found what I was looking for. Moving swiftly through the dark Steelhead streets, most of its residents now quiet or asleep after the town meeting earlier, my strength accorded to me for just this one night made carrying my burden even easier. I stopped before The Elf's home, my muddled mind enraged at the thought that he possibly had a hand in his demon brother being taken away. It made it even easier to toss what I carried onto his porch...I licked a fang, smiling with satisfaction as the brass chicken did its work. A bit of something from a minor kerfluffle in Kentucky (something to do with a renegade Colonel), I knew it'd come in handy. When I was sure that the house was in a smouldering rubble, I thought I would return to the warehouse. I needed to lie down now. My head, it felt so wrong...I heard the shouts of "Fire!" and "Oh no, my good china!" as I slipped away. I did notice one unusual thing though--despite the destruction of her home, Miss Tensai seemed to be taking it all in relatively resourceful feline stride...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obolenskidonia...Ahh...Smell the Oppression

I, like all aspirational, ambitious types of a certain "ilk", enjoy seeing when one of us makes a move and takes over from the current government. With Mayor Tenk's absence, Babbage was ripe for such a thing. I have received missives and watched events unfold with interest there as Doc O unleashed his Lord Smashingtons and took Babbage for himself...Ahhh...the wonderful smell of oppression...But of course, there are always some folks who just do not appreciate the new, wonderful changes...
Ugh...resistance fighters. Bane of a dictator's existence. Oh, how they vex one so...I have heard that tonight will determine whether the Obolensky regime falls. We shall see...