Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Such Slander!

I shall say in advance...Mr Quan, stand down. Do not call in the rest of the Kitty Warrior-Monks quite yet.

About a week ago, my spy network had informed me that my name was bandied about in the recent attempt on the life of the lycan sheriff of Steelhead, a Mr. Fuzzball Ortega. I thought Ortega was the obsession of Mr Barthelmess, who has been rather unsuccessful, I might say. Although he is now an ambassador to Steeltopia? Brilliant move sir. *cackles* Of course, I sat down at my desk, fired off a rather irate letter and had it couriered to Steelhead post-haste:I know about that infernal evil genius/villain list, but who is this Purdie Uggla, who has dared to mock me and has now landed themselves on my list? So much fuss over a mangy shapeshifting canine! Do I need to make a visit to this Steelhead soon? I am not called evil tiny kitty for nothing! *eyes narrow*

Mr Quan, we have a few preparations in our future...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mr Quan's Expansions

I have been on...sojourns...of late, for reasons only I need to know. In the meanwhile, it seems Mr Quan has been keeping himself rather busy...He seems to have established a Benevolent Order of Oddkitties in this city called "New Toulouse", a rather laid-back place quite perfect for a front--I mean, establishment such as his. His recruitment activities have been going well and he gave me a tour the other week, which included an intriguing contraption...
And how lovely of him to provide a free soup kitchen. I do hope that the crawfish haven't been fed soylent green again. He does my organization proud spreading Hidden Paw--I mean, feeding the downtrodden of New Toulouse...*cackles*