Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Minion Perhaps?

It seems I have prospective minions coming out of the aether as I have received yet another application:

Hello, there...

Might I start out by stating that I am quite simply amazed with your work? Ah, I suppose an introduction of sorts is in order. I am Asrei Foden, as I'm sure an individual of your caliber has gathered. As the title of this note suggests, I am indeed looking to become a minion, especially of one such as yourself. My skills include slightly-advanced building, sharpshooting, obtaining items through... Let's call it persuasion, and also with distracting the masses through multiple means. If it helps any, I am a fellow feline, although not of the tiny variety, and I believe I add a certain look to any sinister operation. Please inform me what I must do to encroach into your employ.

With reverence and awe,
Asrei T. Foden

I have been...away...but I shall try to endeavor to schedule an interview with him soon. I do hope Mr Quan will be able to train him well.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged...Dash It!!

Well, it seems Dr Mason has tagged me for one of these infernal memes...

1. write the title to your own memoir using six words.
2. post it on your blog.
3. link to the person that tagged you.
4. tag five more blogs.

My Memoirs: Machinations of an Evil Tiny Kitty *rolls her eyes*

And no, I'm not tagging anyone else as they have already been tagged. I come up with plenty of schemes, but my God...

*mutters and returns to her work*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hidden Paw Hypnowheel

Yes! Mr Quan surprised me with a "hypno-wheel" contraption! All shall do the bidding of Hidden Paw!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Products from ETK Labs: Leech Jar & Mouseheads

In addition to my more scientific and, well...diabolical...creations, I do enjoy making interesting little things as well, such as the "ETK Victorian Leech Jar." Do you need your vapours purged? Feeling a bit...impure? Touch this jar and get a little bloodsucker of your very own. They disappear at a random time based upon when they are full!And for all of the nekos and kitties out there, I am making Mr Quan's favorite snack available as well...
You may find them at the Laboratory in Caledon Tamrannoch or at the aethernet shop.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ETK Flag

My clever assistant seems to have come up with this Hidden Paw flag. I do believe I'll leave him a trout or something...

I hope he is staying out of trouble. Oh, who am I kidding?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Am NOT a Pet

After I was so kindly invited by Mr Podruly Peccable, I attended the Caledon Pet Show in Caledon on Sea yesterday. I was rather intrigued by Prof. Avalanche's tiny steam elephant... And the toothsome botanical specimen that was host Mr Jomander Trefoil...
No, I did not enter myself as a pet contender! *rolls her eyes at the thought* Although I did eye the shiny big trophy. I had a plan to kidnap the pets, but alas, it was foiled...until next time!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ooo...A Visitor!

DrBob Margulies stopped by for a brief visit. I dropped him through the trap door...


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Invitation to Evil

Dr Darien Mason stopped through the Lab tonight. It was so nice to finally meet him in person as we have corresponded via our aethernet journals for quite some time now. We talked rather nonstop, about the evils of the world, the state of mad and evil geniuses here in Caledon and in other 19th c. sims, and of personal evils. He seems rather conflicted to me. He gleefully loves the vices and perks that go with being bad, but is unwilling to embrace it. Liberate yourself Doctor...revel in it and you'll be free. Ah, you humans and your "issues"...Later, Mr Quan stopped by in his rather strikingly dashing neko form *mews*. He suggested that we test the smasher's possibility to fuel a time portal and make an excursion into the past. Ah, I think that kitty should be promoted to "assistant/bodyguard" as "henchman/minion" doesn't seem quite fitting...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mr Volare's Big Brass Ball

Oh, do go on and laugh and the tongue-in-cheek name of his new Tuesday party in Steam SkyCity, but it was rather fun. Even evil tiny kitties have to take a break from labwork and creations from time to time...

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Great Cavorite-Smasher Experiment

When I chose my location so close to the mine, it was for quite a singular purpose: to be able to procure raw materials for my cavorite-smasher. It is its own self-contained energy source, and what keeps the electrical equipment running on the parcel. Oh good, Mr Quan put a fresh supply in the bin and bolted it down again. Hmm...I need to tweak the pipe from the water tower--just in case...As Mr Quan could tell you, making sure the cavorite-smasher's levels are normal is highly important, as is checking the transformer's as well. Ha, no need to be alarmed by all of the green lights coming from the Lab last night! The situation was quickly brought under control...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Daftness Abounds Amidst a Lack of Manners

Last night I found my archenemy, Miss Zoe Connolly, snooping about the premises. Instead of feeding her to Chuckles the basement rat, we ended up having quite a conversation for a while. And during said conversation, she got to be my witness to the utter pawpalming "egads" moments two of my neighbors subjected me to.

My mad scientist's laboratory is confined to my parcel, which also means if you are on it--on my parcel...not Tamrannoch in general, you will hear the rat squeaking and the electrical devices going. The sound is restricted to my parcel. So, to have Neighbor #1 come into my property and complain about the sound even after explaining who and what I was about was rather insulting. She was even shouting across the sim at one point, much to my utter chagrin. Then again, this is the same one who challenged me when I first God...

Miss Connolly and I then looked at one another again when another neighbor arrived and promptly began to kvetch about edge-to-edge buildings, shops and just about everything else in Tam. I keep a high wall as in keeping with my occupation. I do not have a front gate as visitors are free to take a look. Do not make me rethink that policy...

The second neighbor did apologize to me, but I was rather taken aback actually. It is rather a shame when even one's archenemy is defending you and commiserating in the fact that your neighbors are rather...unusual. If I am home, I do not mind talking to you. I might be known for some nefarious doings, but even I do not treat my neighbors and fellow Caledonians in the manner in which I was treated. I'd never go to someone else's place and speak to them as they did to me. I might be an evil tiny kitty, but at least I am polite about it.

Mr Quan arrived and offered us both some tea to calm our nerves. In light of her having to endure the rudeness tonight, I told him not to poison Miss Connolly...this time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Just Might Keep Him Around...

Sat down with Mr Quan today to discuss his qualifications. He can build, was trained in the Way of the War-Kitty, is rather quick-witted and seems to share my glee for inventing and mayhem. I told him that if he doublecrosses me I will drop him into the deepest depths on the Grid...While giving Mr Quan a tour of the premises, including the cavorite-smasher and its energy core, Dr Fourwzy asked for a favor. Mr Quan donned his metal claws just in case I needed protection, but he just needed a photo in front of the Sanitorium, which Mr Quan took ("I had him in mouselook ready to attack so it was easy!" he said). When he offered compensation, my clever ass't requested a formal notice of apology to me for my unnecessary "stay" as a political prisoner of sorts. Dr Fourwzy hastily wrote it out and gave it to me...It is as follows, straight from Old Fourwzy's hand:

To whom it may concern:

As the proprieter of the Tamrannoch Sanitorium it is my duty to inform you the reader that the bearer of this card, one Malegatto Alter, was held briefly in my facility due entirely to a cultural misunderstanding with a powerful Caledonian magistrate whom I will refrain from naming.

She was found to be no less sane than any other Caledonian, and released into her own custody forthwith.

It should be further noted that here at the Caledon Asylum, our goal to serve and treat the island nation's aproximately 17 thousand criminally insane residents, by its very nature is forced to cast a rather wide net, we occasionally wind up holding for observation one or two of the country's 3 or 4 hundred sane people.

Thank you for your indulgence.
Dr Fourway Forwzy

I'll overlook the fact that I was not released, but escaped from, that infernal place, but for now I have called a temporary truce and removed the device I had installed there just before the Uprising. Now how's that for a productive first day on the job? I just might keep him around indeed...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cato Quan, Henchman Applicant

Oh my, I seem to have gotten a response to my henchman/minion request! A Mr. Cato Quan has applied for the position. I shall have to set him up for an interview. I do hope it goes better than the last applicant's.

As promised in my earlier posting, I have reprinted his application below. Given his "initiative" I am glad that I tend to handle all correspondence with tongs...
Dr. Malegatto, Greetings.

I have been told, through what sources I shall not name, that you seek an underling to aid in your exploits and notable works- I would humbly put myself forward as candidate to this august position- I shall endeavor to explain my qualifications, and leave it to your judgement.

I am called Cato Quan. Whether this is the name I was given by parents or no, is of no importance. I have been thrust from my homelands upon a wind of ill fortune, brought on by the expansionist policies of colonial Caledon , which has filled me with a seething rage, soothed only by the contemplation of mayhem I might abet in the service of a like-minded genius such as your writings have shown you to be. Most loathsome, I find, is the state's capitulation to those who wish to, as -they- say, "Fix" me. Fix me? Bwahh-hahh! I am Not-yet-broken!!! Bwuh-hahhh-hahhh!!! hee-hee-heeee!...heh...(alright, maybe a little bit broken.) But, though my litter-mates have been taken and altered by their evil clutches, yet I remain! To see them revenged one by one! ...but, I get ahead of myself...

You shall find me a trusty servant, adept at construction large or small, armed with cannon or sawblade, or the mystical powers taught in the orient, all to pledge to your defense and genius.

I require only mouse-heads enough to keep me healthy, and a scratching place to keep the claws sharp. To show I am in earnest about displaying my ability for taking initiative, and as a character reference, I have taken the the liberty of coating this resume with a slow-acting, yet lethal, contact poison. I look forward to your positive reply and request for antidote, which will be speedily provided.

I remain (I anticipate) your servant

Dr. Cato Quan

Translated and scribed at the request of Dr. Quan by Dr. Barny Haggle (deceased)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Politely Rude

Another neighbor came near to me when the lot was empty and I was standing there with a friend discussing construction methods. "What are you doing here? No, I'm curious, really. What are you DOING here?" she asked.

"Minding my business, what about you?" I wanted to badly tell the nosy woman. I decided to hold my tongue as I'm too busy getting settled in to deal with a pitchfork-wielding mob right now. I shall add her to my "list".

In the meantime, she inspired me to construct a sturdy wall around the parcel...