Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Minion Perhaps?

It seems I have prospective minions coming out of the aether as I have received yet another application:

Hello, there...

Might I start out by stating that I am quite simply amazed with your work? Ah, I suppose an introduction of sorts is in order. I am Asrei Foden, as I'm sure an individual of your caliber has gathered. As the title of this note suggests, I am indeed looking to become a minion, especially of one such as yourself. My skills include slightly-advanced building, sharpshooting, obtaining items through... Let's call it persuasion, and also with distracting the masses through multiple means. If it helps any, I am a fellow feline, although not of the tiny variety, and I believe I add a certain look to any sinister operation. Please inform me what I must do to encroach into your employ.

With reverence and awe,
Asrei T. Foden

I have been...away...but I shall try to endeavor to schedule an interview with him soon. I do hope Mr Quan will be able to train him well.

1 comment:

Rhianon Jameson said...

You've been "away," ma'am? I'm so sorry to hear that - mental health is often so fragile. I'm glad you took care of things before they got out of hand.

Oh, wait. You dind't mean "away," did you? You meant away, as in, "on a tiny evil vacation." Never mind.