Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Don't Think This Is a Butterfly...

I caught this while out in the world last night. I thought it was a butterfly at first...

The Elf made me spit it out and it protested so much afterwards, that I gave it to him as a "gift." He said they tend to bite so he put it under a jar.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh My...I Have a Trophy

Well seems my chupacabra creature won first place in its category in the Harvest Festival Steampunk Animal building contest in Steelhead...I had a moment to chat with The Elf about it and he was rather pleased with the entries, which I will admit, were rather interesting. The Elf himself has been feeling a bit poorly of late. Perhaps I can get the minions to prepare some rattail soup for him? I promise that it will not have any "extra" ingredients. *coughs*

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surveying the Place

Hmm...I suppose I am getting used to the look of the giant bolt in the front. It adds a certain "flair" to the warehouse.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mason Labs Destroyed...FINALLY!!! The Elf came over and and we both looked upwards at the large piece sticking out of my smokestack. "That is...massive," he said. "That is one big nut." I must have inherited some of my father's love of crass humor as I could not help but laugh despite the fact that we were standing among rubble. He offered to remove it for me, as it is supposedly "active", but I said to leave it. I am a feline of science and this is a lab and warehouse--not an "oh-so-delightfully pretty" Victorian house...
The last time I saw Mason Labs, it was still intact. I had made a pact with them not to destroy it (or let my minions burn it to the ground) although sorely tempted to do so on many an occasion...
Last night I found it in ruins, the building's remnants smoldering......and its parts strewn across Steelhead Port Harbor from the force of the explosion...The Elf had told me that only the so-called "Jeremiah" had been injured. If he is a Mason as he claims, then he should be fine. Those Masons are quite a resilient lot. I had also inquired as to the canines in Miss Davies' Dog Park across from it. When told that they were fine despite the pieces in their midst, I could only say "Pity." When I went over to see for myself, some ran over to greet me. EW. I feel so dirty now.

19th c. Sewing Automaton

I do so love automatons. This lovely one named Nancy "sews" and was made in the late 19th c. of papier-mache. She was driven by a hand crank under the stage. For those of you who love gears and springs and inner workings as much as I do, peruse the aether site of the UK workshop that restored her. Fantastic work.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Building Contest seems Steelhead is having a delightfully twisted take on a state fair blue ribbon contest: A Steampunk Build Contest for livestock, poultry and "other" animals!

I do believe I shall participate. I have until the 23rd to submit my entry. I suppose if others wish to participate as well, they need to let the Elf know before the 18th.

*cackles* Must get to work then! Where's my wrench?