Sunday, June 8, 2008

Daftness Abounds Amidst a Lack of Manners

Last night I found my archenemy, Miss Zoe Connolly, snooping about the premises. Instead of feeding her to Chuckles the basement rat, we ended up having quite a conversation for a while. And during said conversation, she got to be my witness to the utter pawpalming "egads" moments two of my neighbors subjected me to.

My mad scientist's laboratory is confined to my parcel, which also means if you are on it--on my parcel...not Tamrannoch in general, you will hear the rat squeaking and the electrical devices going. The sound is restricted to my parcel. So, to have Neighbor #1 come into my property and complain about the sound even after explaining who and what I was about was rather insulting. She was even shouting across the sim at one point, much to my utter chagrin. Then again, this is the same one who challenged me when I first God...

Miss Connolly and I then looked at one another again when another neighbor arrived and promptly began to kvetch about edge-to-edge buildings, shops and just about everything else in Tam. I keep a high wall as in keeping with my occupation. I do not have a front gate as visitors are free to take a look. Do not make me rethink that policy...

The second neighbor did apologize to me, but I was rather taken aback actually. It is rather a shame when even one's archenemy is defending you and commiserating in the fact that your neighbors are rather...unusual. If I am home, I do not mind talking to you. I might be known for some nefarious doings, but even I do not treat my neighbors and fellow Caledonians in the manner in which I was treated. I'd never go to someone else's place and speak to them as they did to me. I might be an evil tiny kitty, but at least I am polite about it.

Mr Quan arrived and offered us both some tea to calm our nerves. In light of her having to endure the rudeness tonight, I told him not to poison Miss Connolly...this time.

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