Thursday, January 8, 2009

Papa...Kitty Inventor, Explorer & Rogue

Giancarlo, aka "Papa"
Kitty Inventor, Explorer & Rogue

I can see what my mother Fluffy liked about him. My father was charming, clever and funny, a dandy rogue with a wild streak. His crowd was a bit rougher and I liked it and the freedom that seemed to come with it. "All this world's yours Malegatto darling, and it is BIG!" he'd tell me. So when Fluffy and Muffy went to the City, I opted for a life of adventure exploring the world with Papa instead. So many exciting stories to tell. Perhaps I will relay them here in this journal.

He had a way with tools and tinkering. His inventions were wonderful. It was he who taught me what I knew, before my schooling...before Hidden Paw. I still wear his goggles in honor of him.

I never expected the accident to happen...

That was Life #1 for me.

Unfortunately, he was on #9.

But that is a story for another time.

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