Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Minion Arrives Ready for Mayhem

I got a knock at the warehouse door and peered out to see a white kitty standing there whose hair could be best described as "shocking". Introducing herself as BonkerZClamper Blackheart and speaking in a repetitive, poetic cadence, I realized that she was my new lab assistant...After a quick tour of the grounds I had her to take a seat upstairs in Warehouse 2, where my other minion Pilot was already waiting for us. I added her photo to the minion portrait gallery and proceeded to tell her the rules, which mainly consisted of "Do not cross me." At one point Pilot scooted his chair over a bit when he realized she was talking to herself. "Oh no Poke, I won't scratch the turkey chair," she said. "Yes, yes, yes. I am a vegeterablianist." Pilot and I looked at each other as I asked "And who might Poke be?" She pointed to her single strand of black hair. "He tells me things," she said. Pilot moved over a bit more.
We took an entertaining tour of Steelhead together. I pointed out the seals and the first thing BonkerZ said was "Can we eat them?" Truly kitty thinking of he highest order. After telling her The Elf said we couldn't, she shook her paw in the air, saying "Damn elves! First Lord of the Rings and now we can't eat seal?!" We continued on, stopping in front of the Mason Labs. BonkerZ looked at it, then me, and asked "Burn?"
We shall tour the City and Boomtown next. I think she will fit in just fine. And mind you, she hasn't even met Cato yet...*groans* Dear God.


Darien Mason said...

Don't even *think* about it! You haven't met my little henchdolly Jinx, yet. *evil grin*

Rhianon Jameson said...

When y'all get into it, please let me know...I'll sell tickets.

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

You just got a new lab ass't because I got one. *rolls her eyes*

Besides, BonkerZ seems to have "crazy" truly on her side.

(And I want a cut of ticket sales Miss Jameson!)