Sunday, December 7, 2008

Operation Minion Rescue!

I was a touch distressed after finding those cans of kibble. Mr Quan is not your average minion, as he was sent to me by Hidden Paw themselves to help protect me. Ha! I say it is to keep tabs on me, but that is besides the point. As I was going to feed the squiddy thing, a little mousie tidbit came up to me and started squeaking away. I was a second away from making it my snack when I realized it was Mr Quan's pet mouse Five! I am not fluent in Rodent and he was speaking rather fast, so I could only understand "mountain," "trapped" and "rocks"...
I gathered up some supplies and Five and I ran through the streets of the town until we found ourselves at the base of Mt. Steelhead...I made my way inside, holding my torch out in front of me in the darkness. "Cato? You miserable pain in my neck...where are you?!" I shouted. I could hear a faint pain-filled mewing. I set my torch down in dismay and took up my pickaxe, hacking away at the rocks... I sniffed the air and picked up on his scent. Dear God, it was truly an offense to my feline sense of smell. Finally, I broke through and there he was, filthy and lying there rather helplessly. I saw a marmoset's bones nearby and didn't even wish to think of how he had survived down here for six weeks! On what? Runoff water and insects? My God, what number life is he on now, the fool?!I tossed my pickaxe behind me back towards the entrance and carefully pulled him outside. All that training at Headquarters was not for nothing after all, but my paws were straining a bit from the exertion. I had to get us out of harm's way, as I worried that the rocks could collapse again upon us both. Once outside, I looked down at him with relief, but the next time he pulls a stunt like this...I might have to just let him stay under the mountain!

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Darien Mason said...

*hops into his steamcarriage and makes haste for Mt. Steelhead*