Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A-HA! A Cure!!

I stood there contemplating the giant hybrid piece of garlic I had set out...just in case. I need to send Dr Frankenstein a thank-you letter for the lovely fruits and veggies he sent me. I can not believe I am saying this, but I do not wish for harm to come to my minion as he is a good one and good ones are so hard to find. Besides, no one hunts my minion but me. The Duchess was supposedly disoriented and hungry, but I'm a kitty too...that doesn't take much. They both agreed that she was wearing catnip perfume...wait...why does that sound familiar?I immediately thought of being at the Eastern headquarters of Hidden Paw, high in the mountains. I closed my eyes and could feel the crisp air around me. A bit of the smell of catnip incense was lingering on the breezes. I had just returned from a mission in Japan, dealing with some felines that had a thirst for other than water...oh my! That's it! Feline. We are not human, even in neko form! My belief that in us it could be just a virus passing through could very well be true this time! I know where to look!I went into a secret room in the lab and opened a chest. I took out one of the ancient scrolls that I brought with me from the East and carefully unrolled it. I read quickly as I hoped I would find what I needed. Indeed! That is the answer! I have found their cure. I must get to work on it right away...

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Steve sculpts critters said...

Quite bizarre!
Speaking of which,
Have you seen 'Pompeii mice' on YouTube?
Truly unbelievable!