Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Me? Non-Aggression Pact?

I do not care for non-aggression pacts. Historically, they have generally been non-effective and mostly ignored by the aggressive, but whatever helps folks to sleep at night, really. In light of recent events, I took Mr Quan with me to Steelhead to get to the bottom of a few things. The elf, Mr Eclipse, regarded my minion rather suspiciously--asking him if they had met before. In addition to Miss Hilra's presence, there was a most intriguing kitty with the unfortunate name of Dogg Food, to whom I have promised much catnip and many mouseheads as he can be of use. I have published excerpts from my transciption as I do not trust the elf to report it fairly...
We first discussed the matter of their canine sheriff's recent "attack":

Malegatto Alter: Oh, I certainly would not have missed my mark. What a waste of silver bullets.
TotalLunar Eclipse: Well it could have also been a warning to the lycan instead of a missed shot.
Malegatto Alter: I was thinking that, but why squander the chance? I've never understood "warnings." Why would I wish to "warn" you first?

We also discussed my bar of silver that I received in Steeltopia:
TotalLunar Eclipse: What is the silver now?
Malegatto Alter: The silver? Oh. In my gun? One can never be too careful. Canines about, you know
Tensai Hilra: O.O
Malegatto Alter: Well now, you didn't think I'd come somewhere with a lycan sheriff and not have protection do you?

I then produced my pact. Let's just say that Mr Quan, Mr Food and I understood it quite well...Feline being our diplomatic language and all:

I did find a bit of a like mind in the genius that is Miss Hilra:

Malegatto Alter: They do not understand geniuses like us, Miss Hilra
Tensai Hilra: quite
Malegatto Alter: I expect to come home to the Lab being burned to the ground at any time. Is it my fault that they have no vision?
Cato Quan: They will learn to bow to your glory and genius, Doctor! How you will chortle then, dispensing justice as they cower!!!
Tensai Hilra: yes... people and their torches
Malegatto Alter: Idiots!
TotalLunar Eclipse: I thought that was a rather healthy looking mob last time dear.
Malegatto Alter: Oh dear, you had a mob?
TotalLunar Eclipse: They came for butter.

They did mention a storage place for the silver they had asked the residents to turn in, which excited Mr Quan very much:

Cato Quan: Seems to me...we can help ya out by taking that silver off your hands, away from the reach of your would-be assassin. Off-site storage...
Tensai Hilra: I think the silver is quite well secured
TotalLunar Eclipse: Although that's a kind gesture it remains safe where we have it categorized and stored.
Malegatto Alter: For now
Cato Quan: Where's that, now? Got a Landmark?
Tensai Hilra: yea, 25, 32, 200000000

For now, as much as I would like to have destroyed an edifice or two or three, I have agreed not to attack Steelhead or its citizens for the duration of the lycan's investigation. Pfft! At least that is what they think. Feline is so open to interpretation. That is the beauty of the language. Ha!

This dam is so very tempting...


Fuzzball Ortega said...

The original shooting happened at night. In the dark, the scarecrow in front of my house (which had the same outfit I used to wear, and such) could be mistaken for me to the untrained eye. HOWEVER, with that being said, it's quite obvious that you were ruled out as a suspect from the beginning.....you seem to be intelligent, I don't think you need me to explain why I knew it wasn't you. The shooter IS human, though. But, I needed the one I suspect to believe I hadn't a clue as to what was going on....even though the citizens of Steelhead tended to get in the way while protecting me (gotta love them, though).

And, I would appreciate not being referred to as "canine". Sounds too much like a racial slur. I'm a Lycan, descended from Lycoan, who was cursed by Zeus. Some say there are those who have the blood of Fenris in their veins.....but that's a story for another time.

Evil Tiny Kitty said...


First of all, of course I know it was not me. My point of contention was being on the suspect list of such an attempt in the first place.

And second, I do not bristle at being called "feline" as that is what I am, like "human" or "elf", so do get over yourself and your "slurs." As a cat, I would be naturally leery of any canines, including lycans as you are wereWOLVES. Last time I looked a wolf was still considered a canine. Besides, your progenitor deserved that curse.

*waves a paw* Anyway, I have been compliant with the investigation and I do so tire of you sir...*yawns*