Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ask ETK: Rodent Play Dates

Dear Evil Tiny Kitty:

Pray tell, why does my cat play with rodents? Eat them, certainly, though one would think tuna would taste better than mouse, but I cannot understand the play date first.

Just Eat It, Cat

Dear Just Eat It, Cat,

Although I do quite agree with you about the absurdity of the "play" part. I can only think of one reason besides general amusement: boredom. Sheer and absolute utter boredom. Why else would we even dare to be seen with them if we are not pouncing upon them with glee?

There are times when we just simply can not be bothered. 'Tis entirely too much trouble to go mousing when you can let the mousie come to you! Personally, I like mine sprinkled with anchovies and drizzled with fish sauce. Good eating indeed! They also make nice presents too.

If you have any RL kitty questions you would like answered, feel free to send them to me inworld or at malegatto[at] and I shall enlighten you a bit from a cat's point of view! I also accept pictures of them to feature as well.

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