Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ask ETK: ETK Answers Your RL Kitty Questions!

Today I am starting a regular posting called "Ask ETK" involving questions regarding your RL kitties! "Hopefully you can answer my questions on the mysterious things they do," The Elf said to me. I shall try.

If you have any RL kitty questions you would like answered, feel free to send them to me inworld or at malegatto[at] and I shall enlighten you a bit from a cat's point of view! I also accept pictures of them to feature as well. Shall we begin?

(from top to bottom: Neko, Neeka, & Cuddy)

Dear Evil Tiny Kitty,

Why does my kitty Neeka grab my hand and pet herself with it?
And why does Neko like to get into boxes he cannot fit himself into?

--Moon Over Steelhead

Dear Moon Over Steelhead,

Miss Neeka is lulling you into a false sense of contentment and thinking "I shall make him think that I like him and he will give me more treats! I will just have to endure the infernal affection in the meanwhile." I'd sleep with one eye open with that one...

As for Mr Neko? He is Emperor of All Boxes. Continue to indulge the delusion and you shall live.

Dear Evil Tiny Kitty,

I have one that has been foremost on my mind recently...what IS that tail for? It seems it's merely a waste of...flesh bone and space...

--Blue in Steeltopia


Dear Blue in Steeltopia,

A "waste of flesh, bone and space"?! I am flabbergasted that you should say such a thing! It is for better balance, you nitwit! We communicate with them as well. Although, I must admit that it is also good for chasing when bored. It is also fun to tap things with it nonchalantly when I am being still. I can not imagine being without it. I do feel so for the lynxes, with their stubby ones and all. Don't tell them though...they are a bit "sensitive" about it. However do they manage? And honestly, I do not know how you humans stay upright without a tail. 'Tis bad enough you have no claws and can't truly see in the dark. You all must stumble quite a lot.

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