Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Other Day at the Warehouse...

To play a bit of catch-up here in this journal, the other day Mayor Tenk of New Babbage paid the Warehouses a visit and we chatted amiably about my tock lobster and his impending time in office...Then Dr. Mason and his two new little neko constructs came by as well. I heard that his attempt to create one before these two ended badly. Very badly. Destruction by mimmoth I believe? *tsk* However did that happen? I do believe he made a veiled threat against my lobster after one of his constructs wandered a bit too close to the squiddy thing.


Well, to my credit I did say that it hasn't attacked anyone to my knowledge...yet. I barely like human children, so I most certainly personally do not relate to construct-children well. How does one deal with constructs that are like children? Are they automatons? Are they still to be treated as children although they could probably rip a person apart quite easily if they so wished or were commanded to do so? Would there be an uproar if somehow their systems got scrambled from being too close to some equipment? 'Tis a bit of a quandary for my evil disposition and reputation. Alas, in the meantime, I must put up more signs. *sighs*

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