Monday, August 24, 2009

My, What Large Wings You Have

I rarely attend social events in Steelhead as I am usually quite busy off tending to business or working in the laboratory. I thought I would take my customary walk through Steelhead and came upon the Friday night dance at the Capital City dock. I hesitated to go at first, pausing and ready to walk back to the warehouses. At the last moment, I changed my mind and was sitting there quietly on a crate watching the others when I smelled a familiar scent. I looked over and the purple-haired demon had seated himself nearby. I was surprised to see Chronos, as the last I knew he had been taken away. He asked me to dance and we had an interesting conversation.

If you have regularly perused this journal, then you know that I have participated in my share of campaigns and assorted underhanded schemes and such, but I do not get to chat about them much. After all, I am not a Siamese kitty, I know when to be quiet about those matters. I will admit that it was rather nice to talk with someone that did not seem to mind the rather questionable things that I have done and was also impervious to my sharp claws. We spoke of his confinement and he explained to me that he had been rescued. He is a most intriguing demon, not like any of the others that I have met before and especially not like that one, from so long ago.

Oh stop. 'Twas just a dance. If anything, my mother will be happy to know that the money spent on my dancing lessons was not in vain.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Just a dance... right... just a dance, I gets ya... *cough*

Rhianon Jameson said...

It's just a dance...until one writes about it in one's Journal.

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

"Dear Journal,

Mr Antfarm and Miss Jameson do not seem to believe me.

I will try not to send the minions out to convince them otherwise, but 'tis hard. 'Tis hard."