Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ask ETK: Flushed Away

Dear Evil Tiny Kitty,

My kitty Raven is obsessed with watching the toilet flush. Whenever I go to flush it, if she can get into the restroom she will run in and hop up on the seat and watch as it flushes down. Why?

Porcelain God

Dear Porcelain God,

For some kitties, the siren call of the swirling water is too much for them. The strange white monster makes the noise, but then--wonder of all wonders--the water goes round and round. It disappears and then it is calmly back again. Where does it go to? Is it magic? Those are questions many kitties ask themselves. I, for one, have no interest in seeing human waste matter swirling away.


Perhaps your kitty has the same *cough* "quirk" as this one:

If you have any RL kitty questions you would like answered, feel free to send them to me inworld or at malegatto[at] and I shall enlighten you a bit from a cat's point of view! I also accept pictures of them to feature as well.

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