Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On An Angry Mob's Good Side For Once

Usually angry mobs mean a problem or botched experiment gone awry...whatever was I thinking when I agreed to go to a dance surrounded by pitchforks and torches the other night? And a purple demon stepped on my tail. As it still hurts a bit, I am going to try not to scratch him next time that I see him. Yes, I know...he's a demon. That won't do much good to him, but it'll make me feel good!

'Twas a bit of an enjoyable diversion though. Some seem to think I should get out more. That perhaps all of those fumes, chemicals and sparking wires are not altogether good for me. They should be more concerned about what is good for them, not me! I am an evil genius and criminal mastermind! I am supposed to be busy in my lab inventing things and plotting and scheming and lurking in the shadows! Anyway...I have some business that I need to handle soon. Something that I must go to a hidden place to retrieve--I mean, deal--with.

*mutters to herself and rubs her tail*