Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Mystery of the Squiddy Thing

Upon my return to the warehouse, I found a rather interesting sight. My squiddy thing had mutated yet again, and some poor chap was in its gullet! Normally, the minions and I would "take care" of something like this, but wondering if it was some hapless Steelhead resident who chose to ignore my sign, I contacted the authorities...
Cato and I stood by watching as the Sheriff examined the squiddy thing. Neither he nor The Elf recognized the gentleman and suggested that we put out a poster. Fuzz's concern was that not only had the mutation been triggered, but that perhaps this was no accident. This man was either lured to it or murdered elsewhere and placed there! Only an autopsy could tell and we would have to have one done first. He mentioned something about blood on the property and such, but that is not an abnormal occurrence here. As he was in his lycan form, he stooped to get a closer look, his tail swishing against the ground. It was all that I could do to not to pounce upon it... The Sheriff sniffed the air, trying to catch a scent and to his surprise, he could not. Wolfsbane. "Rather good timing on their part," I said, mentioning the time of year and the heightened superstition among the folks...My property was cordoned off, but due to certain unknowns regarding the squiddy thing's digestive system, the body can not be easily extracted. Of course, as it happened on my property and I seem to have a bit of a "reputation", things seem to be pointing to me right now. I see a questioning in my future. Hmph. I am more discreet than this. If I did this, do you think I would have called them over to come see? Well now Steelhead, it seems we officially have a mystery going on...To follow along or join in the mystery, you can start with The Sheriff's official posting here. This is going to be an interesting month...I can feel it already.

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Rhianon Jameson said...

At least the police tape should keep out interfering busybodies. Well, except for the police, I suppose.