Saturday, November 1, 2008

Missing: One Minion

I am a "bit" worried.

Lest one states that worry as being a particular weakness of mine, I should like to remind you that I do not normally worry about minions. After all, it was a minion who caused me to have my metal arm and lose life #3. That is a story for another time. Reflecting upon that, I realize that loyal dedicated ones such as Mr Quan are rather hard to find.

Mr Quan, in his usual one-track minded way left me a note in the lab stating that he was going to look into that Steelhead treasury silver again. I can only sigh and imagine Miss Hilra inflicting some particularly interesting punishment upon his person. It seems he has gone missing and for once, no, I was not the reason why! The last I heard, he was seen around the vicinity of Mt. Steelhead. If I don't hear anything back about him soon, I shall have to establish a search party and find him myself.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

All silver was returned to residents, the vault is currently empty.

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Something I suspected, and why I did not pursue it any further.

I did say he had a one-track mind, although not necessarily a brilliant one...*sighs*

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

i see you have made your way to Babbage dear ETK! (Evil Tiny Kitty) i'm so happy to see you here! and though we have a fine man in Dr. G. Obolensky...who has decided to go GOOD i am always happy to see a little sour with all the sweet! (though, admitedly Babbage is not *as* sweet as Caledon!)...enjoy your visit, stay.....[grins] and add me to your list if you like as "on the fence"....more about that later privately!
~Capt. Red Llewellyn

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Thank you for the welcome Captain.

Dr. O going "good" is...well, I'm still speechless, although it could all be part of a plan. There are enough "sweet" folks out there--and as you may know, that is not a term that would describe me.

I have most certainly added you to my watch list...