Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Meeting of Like Minds

I finally had a chance to meet the delightfully evil Zabrina McMahon. She told me that do-gooder Zoe Connolly was her twin. How unfortunate for her...Zabrina, that is. We thought we'd visit the Gallery of Unappreciated Genius on the South corridor of SteamSkyCity...Ah, there I am...between that Hax chap and a Doctor Mason. I have heard about the good doctor before. Ah, and Mr. Volare counts himself among us as well? Hmm...
Zabrina and I discussed many things, including carving up Caledon for ourselves, minion recruitment, being "misunderstood" and other general nefarious thoughts that only another evil genius would have. I will admit to a bit of distraction. Come here, little mousie...
I decided to do a random hub hop and ended up in Regency where I stopped by a gallery, my breath arrested. There was a portrait of a most handsome kitty gent. *sighs dreamily* Look how he is holding the bird...he isn't even trying to eat it or anything!


Darien Mason said...

Dear Dr. Alter,

Recents tragedies of late, compounded with a sudden recollection a missing chapter of my life, have caused me to reconsider what goals a Spark like myself should pursue in his career.

To make things clear, my pursuits in making the world a safer place (for me, of course) will not infringe upon my Hippocratic Oath.

Aside from that, all bets are off!

*cackles insanely, coasting down to a disturbed giggle*

~Dr. Mason

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Ah Dr. Mason,

You do sound a bit mad, sir. That is good.

Quite good...we need more of that.