Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Calling All of My Evil Colleagues!

Miss Fogwoman Gray put out the most interesting announcement recently:

"With the reopening of Unnatural Selections Labs in SteamSkyCity, there is now a Gallery of Unappreciated Genius. This will help introduce Caledon and her visitors to our wealth of Misunderstood Scientists and Inventors.....

Please provide me with a suitably menacing photograph and a notecard describing your brilliant plans, revolutionary inventions or just creatively worded threats against the society that has wronged you......
If I get enough "interesting" photos I will also be doing an exhibit "Evil can be sexy" but do send a PG one as well for the gallery.

Unnatural Selections Labs and Gallery of Unappreciated Genius is located next to the Giant Robot Head in SSC on the Southern passage. Feel free to shoot out the windows while visiting...but keep fingers out of the Vorpal hutches...."

Oh, shoot out the windows I shall do indeed.

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