Friday, June 18, 2010

Willard's Roommate

I thought I would stop by and check in on Willard the Jail Rat. I was most surprised to see that there was another rodent in his cell. A roommate perhaps? What is its name? I thought Willard did not like others in his cell with him. A rat loner.

It was most chatty in a Chester kind of way. It was rather hard to keep from eating him as he looked quite appetizing. I asked him how he was enjoying his new abode and he simply said "There are not enough things to gnaw on, and you know how we rats like to gnaw things!"

Oh, for Bastet's sake.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Just what the punmiester (or should that be -mouster) needs, another comedian! Either they've been locked up for crimes against ears, or there is a comedy festival about to break out. Either way, get those fangs ready Dr A, get those fangs ready...

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

I have been most tempted to eat Willard for quite a while, but I find him amusing. We have developed a bit of a friendship of sorts now.

But this new mousie? I don't know. I keep thinking that he would make a nice snack.

John Wilson said...

Nice post:)

I personally liked ... and your blog is too cool:)