Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thinking About...Abe Van Helsing

This time of the year always make me reflect upon the many unusual creatures and beings I have encountered through the years, not to mention the personalities that seem to obsess a bit about them. Made me think about a colleague of mine, an obscure pathologist chap by the name of Abe Van Helsing. I had him over for a spot of tea and he told me an odd tale of a young socialite woman with a rather unusual condition. Something about bite marks and blood loss. "That is quite a mosquito, sir!" I said. He chuckled, being rather a dry wit, and showed me this picture, saying that he was about to travel to Transylvania to confront this man. "Oh my," I said, "So you are saying that you believe that he has been undead since the 15th century?" He nodded, leaned a little too close to me and asked if I had any advice.

"My advice? Keep on eating all of that garlic you've been consuming lately. That should keep everyone away!"

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