Monday, May 11, 2009

Obolensky vs Burton Steelhead Trial Recap

Miss Burton, the plaintiff, is a djinn who supposedly lost her powers......and blames the defendant, Doctor Obolensky, saying that one of his devices caused it to happen...
Doctor Mason was brought on as a witness and sworn in on a Torah, but having no body--wasn't allowed to be a witness. Did his own quack medicine and practices finally get the best of him?After a longwinded--and long in general--trial, Doctor O made quite the escape and Judge Broom found for the plaintiff, Miss Burton. I swear...what is the world coming to when we evil geniuses are to be dragged into the court like this?
Doctor O left his mark on the Town Hall roof. I, of course, believe that in Steelhead there can be only two evil, and The Redhead--who was not thrilled at all about either mark...
There was talk of his roaming the town in a giant crab. Oh, dear Bastet, did he have tock lobster envy or something? I do swear. I cleaned my claws and watched calmly as the townspeople ran about in a panic. I mean, after all...I think about levelling Steelhead on a regular basis, so this was merely amusing to me. If you feel like legal mumbojumbo, inappropriate leering, indignant old men, and other assorted crazinesses the trial transcript's available for your perusal.

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