Saturday, January 5, 2008

Escape from Tamrannoch Sanitorium

I had to get out of that place actually. I started a riot while out in the airing court, which landed me in a bit of padded solitary. That was fine as I was free from interruptions to plan my daring escape...The nurse came to check on me and prep me for the electro-quack treatment of the day and I bit her. Put a poultice on that you witch--with your water and porridges! I'm a cat! Bring me mackerel! I darted through her legs and made a run down the hall!
I convinced Scary Robbie that there were carrots in it for him, the pink fool. Although he did create a rather bloody distraction for me!
I do hope you did not think you could actually keep me in here Dr. Forwzy! HA!
A leap here and there and out into the sweet freedom of Caledon I went!

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